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Anete is a leading investment company specializing in securities, professional trading, investing and portfolio management. The platform provides secure and diverse access to asset classes in digital currency by connecting decision makers in a dynamic network of data, people, and capital.

About Anete

Anete’s team believes that investors deserve a well-established, reliable and accountable way to manage their money. Our goal, based on the research deployment of capital, is to provide our investors with comfort and relief by surpassing all the main criteria through selective investments in a diversified portfolio of securities, while offering a dynamic solution to all financial problems.

Features Anete

We work a lot, we work quickly and work with a huge number of tools that includes networks of talented professionals in their field.

Stable profit

Freedom from risks and fears, stable interest income through professional management of digital assets.

Affiliate program

Development with Anete. Invite colleagues to the company for additional profit.


Securities Beyond Understanding

Anete seeks to open a new era of investment culture. This goal has been successfully realized, and it gives a huge step towards digital asset management with huge market potential.

  • Investor portfolio research and analysis: We accept diversification as the principle of earnings and invest accurately in various securities using technical and fundamental analysis.

  • Reliable funds protection: In partnership with security services, Anete can track unwanted suspicious activity, keep track of investments made by experts, and distribute funds received among participants.

  • Generate income from many areas: To work with influential and leading companies from any geographic location, our experts work hard to make a valuable contribution to the development of Anete and strive to achieve even greater levels.

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Company registration number 645390

Build a strong and successful team

At Anete, we put the team first and foremost and therefore value the expansion of collaboration to increase efficiency. We welcome everyone who is going to participate in attracting referrals, and reward additional commissions. We offer two partner statuses: standard and individual.

  • Standard: get a 3-level commission in the amount of 5-4-3% of the investment of your referrals. As soon as they open a deposit, you will instantly earn.

  • Individual: you can become pioneers of new investment standards only with us; therefore, we offer individual referral conditions to especially active participants.

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Standard Affiliate

Individual referral conditions

We are always in touch

In our team, we know how important support is to everyone and that’s why 3 of our highly qualified online consultants work for you. But that’s not all, you can also turn to our support on the website, in a telegram or just call the office where we will be happy to help and answer all your questions.

*Working hours of technical support and online consultants from 9:00-20:00 (Moscow time)

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Today is the best time here and now to start investing in your future. Take a confident step towards a meeting of financial literacy and get guaranteed interest accruals with Anete

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