We don’t know what will happen tomorrow: Our business is to be happy today

-Anet Edwards - CEO

We, Anete, are a team of investors and traders with many years of experience and an accurate forward-looking approach to valuation, providing both digital asset management and risk management. A pioneer in the successful implementation of both a technical and fundamental approach to the analysis of the securities market, we work with teams of managers and company leaders to provide understanding and strategies in the market


We give our expert knowledge and experience in the trading and financial management industry for those who want to avoid the risks and problems of investing in securities, or for those who have limited knowledge and experience in investing in general. True to our investment beliefs and principles, our main value proposition is to offer people personalized service that requires minimal time and effort

Diversified portfolio

Anete team accepts diversification as a trading principle and invests in various securities. We provide daily profits consisting of strategies and an overall market assessment.

Availability and simplicity

Work with our company is available from all platforms and countries. A large number of payment methods, while our investors always have the maximum protection of their personal account. Also for novice users there is a support service that is always ready to help.

Free registration

Anete offers users the ability to control their capital. Each investor can enter and exit without any time restrictions and naturally are not required to pay a commission for the withdrawal of their personal funds.


Successful team

Anete uses the Investment Committee (IR) as an investment team, which identifies significant areas for growth in the digital asset ecosystem. Our team has an extensive and dynamic experience in investment banking, fund management and market analysis. Work in a diversified investment methodology, the distribution of parts of liquid capital in speculative assets, as well as obtaining balanced access to securities and derivatives with open capitalization.

The business plan of our company is calculated with such precision that everyone can afford to cooperate with our company. In addition, we have a referral system for especially active participants, which includes special individual offers in this way. We also work daily to improve our service so that everyone would be comfortable earning money with the Anete team.

Our road to success

Anete's journey has been an exciting journey for all of our members. From our core executive team to independent contractors, every role of which was vital in achieving our success in digital asset management.

January 2014

Anete's idea came up with Anet Edwards.

July 2014

The first team gathered and began the first negotiations on investment in securities.

October 2015

Anete concept is in great demand among investors.

April 2016

The development of an investment strategy based on research was carried out in addition to expanding the team.

November 2016

First live meetings with major leaders in the field of trading and discussion of the securities market.

August 2017

The first technical development of Anete platform launched.

March 2018

Invitations are sent to investors, analysts and traders around the world to become part of Anete's investment team.

September 2019

The final development of the platform is completed, a working team in this area has been formed and Anete has announced a business plan and launch day.

November 2019

The official launch of an online investment destination, welcoming the public.


Today is the best time here and now to start investing in your future. Take a confident step towards a meeting of financial literacy and get guaranteed interest accruals with Anete.

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